Free Ebook: What’s The Value Of Employee Advocacy In The Enterprise

No matter how amazing your corporate content is, employees may not engage with it.

This is because the way that this content is being disseminated is outdated. With the popularization of apps that offer an accessible, on-demand content experience, legacy software systems are becoming less and less intuitive to employees.

Your employees are used to receiving content in a way that’s mobile, social, and visual. Email blasts and intranets don’t offer that, and your employees lose interest in what’s being shared with them.

But if your organization modernizes the way it communicates with employees, this will have tremendous positive results across the enterprise.

Our latest guide explores how improved communication flows impact each area of the business. 

With this guide, you can:

  • Learn about the changing landscape of communication
  • Learn about the challenges at the core of employee advocacy
  • Learn about communications solutions that can solve employee engagement challenges in the enterprise
Value of Enterprise Employee Advocacy